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This Is Your Chance To Trust Your Own “Gut”
Feeling About Choconat Probiotic Chocolate

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Support The Heart

Dark chocolate has been shown to lower high blood
pressure, improve cholesterol counts, and support
the heart… naturally!

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We have succeeded in preserving
the naturally present flavanols in the
cocoa bean without compromising on
the taste. We have developed
ChocoNat™ Boost

Choconat Boost

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Elisabeth Burki

The Healthiest Raw Organic Chocolate


raw chocolateChocolate can be good for you! As long as it isn’t heated or treated with hydrogenated oils like most of the products you see on the shelves

Raw chocolate has over 200 beneficial nutrients in it such as magnesium, serotonin, B vitamins, PEA (mood enhancers) and many more…

Enjoy this wonderful superfood guilt free!


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Choconat Probiotic

choconat brut

Choconat Brut


Dark chocolate & Açaí